Sunday, November 6, 2011

Got My First VoxBox!

Before I get into the products I received, I should first explain to all of you who have never heard of it. So Influenster is a website, in which anyone can sign up for for free! Its fast and easy. Then, you simply fill out short surveys about anything from food to beauty to pets, which earn you badges. Once you start earning some badges, Influenster will decide whether or not you quality for their next VoxBox. If you qualify, they will contact you, ask for you address if you wish to participate, and send you a box full of products to try out. Did I mention you don't have to pay a dime?

All you need to do in return for these awesome products is share and review the products through the wondrous ways of social media. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or a blog.

If I left anything out, or you would like more information just visit!

Now, enough blabbering! Let's get to the good stuff!

I was extremely excited to see what was in my Voxbox. The first item was a Venus ProSkin Moisture Rich razor, the second was a Vitabath body wash in Spa Day, and lastly, the Proactive 3 Step System!

As I try out all the products within the next month, I will make notes of my likes and dislikes of each of the products and do a full review either here on my blog, or on my youtube channel: StephhanieTV

Be sure to watch my unboxing video as well:

Xoxo, Steph

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